Rogue One: Needed or Not?

There is a camp of individuals that believe that the forthcoming release of Rogue One is an unnecessary addition to the Star Wars film franchise.

It has been deemed a movie intended solely to capitalize on the revitalization of the hit film series and nothing more.

However, there are some serious arguments as to why you not only need to watch this movie for yourself but as to why it deserves its spot in the filmography.

For one, the story sets the stage for what would be Episode IV: A New Hope. This new story (which isn’t new at all to those who follow the novelizations of the Star Wars canon) follows a group of rebellion fighters as they devise and execute the greatest heist in the galaxy.

a-shadowtrooperThese guys are going after the plans for the Death Star. So the first point as to why this is a legitimate and necessary film: the plot follows the canon and gives you some insight into just how the rebellion got those plans in the first place.

Secondly, Star Wars is a lot more than Jedi and Sith. While there have been numerous memorable characters that have shown that they can hold their own (even without the use of the force), this film is going to nearly exclusively steer away from the need to have Jedi or Sith involved. If you recall, almost all of the Jedi have been eradicated coming into Episode IV. So it’s about how substantial and crafty the growing rebellion was at this time.

Rogue One is going to be a great story that will be as informative as it is fun to watch. As someone who considers themselves an authority on all things Star Wars, it is quite exciting to see a little about the events that were done in the aftermath of Episode III, but what would set such an important course for characters that weren’t even introduced to the rebellion until Episode IV.

All in all, Rogue One will end up being revered to most as a welcomed bridge between the prequel trilogy and the original 3. With this film being a success, and only if it is successful, more of these in between films will likely be popping up in the years to come.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming star wars movie: