·Are you guys affiliated with Disney or LucasFilm?

– Nope.  This is all for fan, by fans.


·» Can I get a picture of the Group Shot?

– Because of time constraints and holding up traffic in front of the castle, there will be only TWO photos taken. 

One by our Photographer (which will be posted on this site after the event) and one by a Disneyland Photopass employee which can be purchased at Disneyland.  We will re-announce this before the group shot.

·» Are there any events planned at Disneyland?

– No, I’m afraid anything special would be too costly or take too much time. So there’s nothing except the fan clubs meeting for lunch, and a group viewing of the Jedi Academy Show.


·» Can I dress up for the event?

– Sorry, Disneyland doesn’t allow people in costumes as you might be mistaken for a Cast Member. Please Feel free to wear any Star Wars shirts you might have!


·» Can I help you guys out?

– Well, we have a pretty good size group of people helping out with the planning and such, but the BEST way to help us is to spread the word! Like us on Facebook, Post about it on message boards, submit the event to newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV shows, etc!  Let’s try and get as many people as we can and show Disney there are Star Wars fans on the West Coast!